1 month old

Beau is 1 month old! I can’t believe how fast time has gone by! We had to make a visit to the pediatrician because the soy formula just wasn’t working. He cried pretty much 24/7 the entire time he was on it. Dr. Nelson wants him to try Nutramigen for colic babies with milk allergies. She thinks Beau is also a bit colic-y. Yay us! Good thing he is so worth it!


sleeping angel


2 weeks old

Our little angel is 2 weeks old today! We couldn’t be more in love with him! He’s had some tummy troubles, and we are trying soy formula to see if it helps. I have been on a first name basis with Beau’s pediatrician’s nurse because I call so much! This momma is such a stresser.


loving his wubanub


first time on the activity mat…he wasn’t amused.


Going Home

Today, our little family of 3 headed home! After Beau’s circumcision and my whooping cough vaccination, we bundled our little miracle in his newborn sized clothes (which looked big on him) and went home. It was super windy, but beautiful outside! We were so excited to get introduce Beau to his new home! Mimi and Grandpa were there to welcome their favorite new baby home.